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21 Feb

Central Heating System and Boiler Installation in Haslemere

Buxton Heating recently completed a complex heating installation in a 100-year-old converted barn complex just outside of Haslemere, Surrey. The property required a complete re-fit including radiators and a hot water system, but the age and layout of the property presented a number of problems which we had to overcome. Worcester Bosch System Boiler Provides

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14 Jan

Discover the benefits of a new boiler & heating system

Selling or buying a new house – 45% of buyers would be put off by an old heating system. Unsurprisingly many buyers also state that their biggest want in the home they buy is a modern boiler. This is down to a buyer seeing an old boiler and thinking that the boiler is unreliable, inefficient

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13 Dec

Thermostatic Radiator Valve Installation

A busy day for Buxton Heating today.  All the installers were brought together to fit 39 Thermostatic Radiator Valves in a day  in a Medical Practice.  This time we were not installing a boiler in Haslemere or a hot water cylinder in Liphook. The installation had to be carried out as quickly as possible around

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12 Dec

Central Heating and boiler installations

Heating your home using natural gas is convenient, affordable, safe and reliable. We can provide a gas central heating system which is totally tailored to your needs and budget. Gas Boilers From Trusted Manufacturers Gas central heating from Haslemere to Midhurst, Guildford to Petersfield – Buxton Heating are ideally placed to update, repair or replace your

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26 Nov

Boilers and Heating Systems

Buckingham Palace has 33 Boilers to replace! That’s a lot of boilers, flues and pipe work, but then who can blame Her Majesty? Many homeowners in the UK will leave their boilers until they’ve given up.   Whilst there is no official information on whether a new boiler/heating system will add to property value, at

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24 Nov

Thermal Imaging and inspection of the Heating System

Thermal Imaging With todays technology it’s easier to see faults with central heating systems by using a thermal camera. These cameras are now more accessible and make a thermal imaging of the heating system quick and informative.   Photos These can be recorded or discussed on site and will indicate blockages or circulation problems. Below is

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19 Nov

Winter Is Coming – Check your central heating

Winter is coming and your central heating needs to be ready.   Boiler The source of heating for your system.  You should service your boiler annually, primarily to check its safety and then to check its efficient operation. To ensure it operates efficiently we test the products of combustion and then slowly turn adjuster screws on the gas

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16 Nov

Radiators blocked? – A Central Heating Power Flush may be the last resort

A power flush aims to restore systems with circulation and boiler noise problems (caused by sludge and corrosion deposits) to optimum operation. Power flushing removes these deposits and the problems that they cause. Existing debris is often mobilised by alterations to the system/piping and the increased efficiency of the new boiler, and may accumulate in the

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09 Nov

Radiators not fully hot? Ensure they are bled and free from air.

Don’t let air in your system stop your radiators from working correctly, follow the steps below to release air from your radiators and keep you heating efficient and working to its full potential.  All wet heating systems occasionally require bleeding – they may take too long to heat up or are cold at the top.

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