Domestic – Central Heating Repairs

Worcester Installer Showing Central Heating Controls

We understand the inconvenience when your heating system isn’t working correctly. Our engineers are Gas Safe and OFTEC registered and fully qualified to carry out repairs on Central Heating Systems.

They will be able to identify the cause of common faults with your heating system, such as:

  • Heating is coming on when not needed
  • The boiler keeps switching off
  • The system is losing pressure
  • The hot water is not reaching the required temperature


Some problems you may be able to identify yourself

Radiators will not heat up

This is one of the most common faults with radiators and can be simple to fix. If your radiator is warm at the bottom but cold at the top, you may be able to solve this yourself by ‘bleeding’ the radiator using a radiator key. If the radiator is cold at the bottom and warm at the top, it may be filled with ‘sludge’ from your system and we would recommend having it assessed by an engineer, who will suggest the best solution which may include power flushing your central heating system.

The overflow won’t stop running

There is a water tank in the loft that feeds all the water in your hot water and heating system. This tank has a ball-cock, the same as you would find in a toilet cistern. Just the same as in your toilet, if this becomes jammed, the water will continue to flow. In this situation, you can check to see if the ball-cock is jammed. If it is tricky to access the ball-cock, you can turn off the valve beside the tank to help you identify the problem. You shouldn’t try to tackle this problem if your tank is an immersion tank.

The boiler is making an unusual noise

This is usually due to ‘kettling’, which is the term we use to describe the chugging noise made by the boiler, as it sounds similar to a kettle. This often happens when the pilot light first comes on; there may be air trapped inside your boiler. On the pipework around the cylinder, you can find an air bleed screw (about 10cm of pipe with a screw at the top). Vent the excess air by turning the screw. Potentially, there may not be enough water going inside your tank or it may be clogged up somehow, in this case you may need to flush the system to solve the problem.

Central Heating Repairs in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex

Our team of dedicated central heating engineers provide central heating and boiler repairs across the region, from Haslemere to Petworth and Woking and everywhere in between. In the first instance, it may even be possible to talk through the problems with your system over the phone, in order to help you get your heating back on quickly.

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