Boiler Installation: The Importance of Cleansing the Central Heating System

When installing a new boiler, one key procedure we undertake is the cleansing of the central heating system, either through a chemical treatment or power flushing of the system. Carrying out this treatment is a requirement for all new systems and boiler replacements and forms of parts of building regulations or legal requirements. Failure to do so will not only contravene building regulations but may also invalidate the manufacturers guarantee.

As discussed in the video below from the Worcester Bosch Group, you should view it the same way as you would when buying a new car; it’s unlikely you would use the oil from your old car to run a new car and you should take the same approach with your central heating system.   Contaminants and debris from your old central heating system can damage your boiler, not only reducing its efficiency but potentially causing more serious problems further down the line. The heat exchanger, which is like the heart of the boiler, can become clogged and restricted, resulting in poor heat transference, poor circulation and also an increase in noise. The circulation pump which is needed to circulate the hot water around the system can be conferred with magnetite and algae. You can see from this how much dirt and debris can build up in your heating system. All of these issues can unfortunately lead to the premature failure of the boiler, and therefore cleansing the system clearly makes sense to preserve the life of your boiler. Not only are you ensuring the life of your product and maintaining its efficiency, you’re also avoiding the inconvenience and added expense of engineer calls to attend any issues that may have occurred due to corrosion problems.

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