Domestic Central Heating

Domestic Boiler Ventilation

Buxton Heating Ltd are Central Heating Specialists. We have years of experience specifying and maintaining Domestic Heating Systems.

There are three main types of boiler to consider when thinking about how your home and hot water is heated.

These are:

  • System
  • Conventional
  • Combination


Combination boilers, known as Combi boilers, are probably the most common type of boiler we install. They only heat the water you need, so they are an economical option. They also save space, as you don’t need a cold-water tank or hot water cylinder. They are a good option if you live in a smaller house and don’t want to run lots of taps at once.

Conventional boilers are a good solution for larger homes. They will require a cold water tank and a hot water cylinder; they also have an immersion back up, for if your boiler breaks down.

A system boiler also works with a hot water cylinder but has more components built into it, so it’s a neater, easier and more efficient option. The hot water is pumped directly from the system boiler, which can mean more economical running costs.

When we visit your home, one of our fully qualified team will discuss your heating requirements with you, as well as looking at your property to help you decide which boiler and heating system will best suit your needs and budget.