Rainwater Harvesting

Collection Of Rainwater

Water is becoming increasingly expensive and hose pipe bans more common.  One solution is to harvest your rainwater from your roof for your washing machine, toilets and outside taps, making considerable savings on the amount of mains water you need and therefore lowering your utility bills. Effectively, rainwater harvesting is the collection of water from surfaces upon which rain falls, to be stored for later use. Use of these systems requires little specialist maintenance and the harvested rainwater is likely to contain far less bacteria than for example, greywater recycling systems. This is because the water hasn’t been used before. Not only can you harvest rainwater through the usage of water butts, it can also be plumbed into your home to be used for flushing the toilet, watering the garden, and washing clothes.

Here at Buxton Heating, we can specify and install a system for your home using the latest designs and technology, so you can monitor the amount of rainwater you have collected or are using, without worrying about the cost.

We are happy to show you a working Rainwater Harvester installation and to advise on the best solution for your home in the Haslemere and surrounding areas.