Discover the benefits of a new boiler & heating system

Selling or buying a new house – 45% of buyers would be put off by an old heating system.

Unsurprisingly many buyers also state that their biggest want in the home they buy is a modern boiler. This is down to a buyer seeing an old boiler and thinking that the boiler is unreliable, inefficient and likely not very environmentally friendly – and that it will probably need replacing soon after they move in any way!

Here are a couple of benefits you (& any future buyers) would see with the installation of a new boiler from Buxton Heating.

  • No breakdown worries, for a good many years!
  • No expensive parts or pricey repair jobs.
  • A more efficient boiler model. This means that the boiler will use fuel more efficiently so that less fuel and heat is wasted when heating your home.
  • Expect lower fuel bills with an efficient boiler.
  • Less harmful pollutants with newer boilers, of all varieties.
  • Better heating controls in newer boilers. You can use these to heat your home intelligently to save even more money.
  • If you boiler is 15 years old, or more, then you would notice a considerable difference by upgrading.

Contact us via the website or by calling for a free estimate.

We will visit your property, assess your central heating and advise on what would be required to upgrade, we would provide you with a comprehensive estimate detailing the work required and the costs involved.

All our Worcester Bosch boiler installations come with a minimum of 5 years full parts and labour warranty, these can be extended up to 10 years depending on the items specified.

As well established Worcester Bosch accredited installers we can offer a longer warranty on boilers installed by us and are fully up to date with their latest products and literature.