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14 Jan

Discover the benefits of a new boiler & heating system

Selling or buying a new house – 45% of buyers would be put off by an old heating system. Unsurprisingly many buyers also state that their biggest want in the home they buy is a modern boiler. This is down to a buyer seeing an old boiler and thinking that the boiler is unreliable, inefficient

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26 Nov

Boilers and Heating Systems

Buckingham Palace has 33 Boilers to replace! That’s a lot of boilers, flues and pipe work, but then who can blame Her Majesty? Many homeowners in the UK will leave their boilers until they’ve given up.   Whilst there is no official information on whether a new boiler/heating system will add to property value, at

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16 Nov

Radiators blocked? – A Central Heating Power Flush may be the last resort

A power flush aims to restore systems with circulation and boiler noise problems (caused by sludge and corrosion deposits) to optimum operation. Power flushing removes these deposits and the problems that they cause. Existing debris is often mobilised by alterations to the system/piping and the increased efficiency of the new boiler, and may accumulate in the

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09 Nov

Radiators not fully hot? Ensure they are bled and free from air.

Don’t let air in your system stop your radiators from working correctly, follow the steps below to release air from your radiators and keep you heating efficient and working to its full potential.  All wet heating systems occasionally require bleeding – they may take too long to heat up or are cold at the top.

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03 Nov

Low Loss Header Pipework 100mm

When Sean was presented with a large low loss header that needed some re-soldering he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.   This was part of a swimming pool heating system running off 2 x 65 kilowatt GB162 Worcester Bosch Boilers in Haslemere. One of the seals had cracked and the only way

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05 Oct

Twin Gas Boiler Installation: Before and After

Two old gas boilers at the end of their serviceable life were breaking down regularly and costing a fortune to run.  The practice also had a combination boiler upstairs which they wanted removing as part of the installation. 2 New 27RI boilers, a 50 litre pressure vessel and some clever re-allocation of pipework later and

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02 Oct

Oil Boiler Installation in the Annex / Garage

Separate to the main house renovation the new office/ garage annex has been framed and a plinth set for a new Worcester Bosch combination oil boiler. The condensate waste needed plenty of additional limestone around it as the soil with heavy with clay, this would not have allowed the boiler to drain its waste. With some

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01 Oct

Combination Oil Boiler Installation – Dunsfold

A new combination oil boiler installation in Dunsfold With an annex garage/ office nearing completion the client wanted a standalone solution for the heating and hot water. The Worcester Bosch oil combination boiler provided the answer. The boiler was connected to the main properties oil tank and had extra frost protection and a magnetic system

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25 Sep

Boiler Service: Liss and Haslemere ready for winter

Autumn – ‘Heating on’ Its now Autumn with radiators and room thermostats start turning on across the county. The main moving parts in the heating system have most likely been still since the spring – pumps, thermostatic, 3-port and zone valves. Boiler Service Make sure your central heating is ready for the winter with a boiler service from Buxton Heating.  As

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