Radiators not fully hot? Ensure they are bled and free from air.

Don’t let air in your system stop your radiators from working correctly, follow the steps below to release air from your radiators and keep you heating efficient and working to its full potential.

  1.  All wet heating systems occasionally require bleeding Рthey may take too long to heat up or are cold at the top.
  2. Fire up your heating, check each radiator by touching the top and bottom checking for inconsistencies in the heat.
  3. Turn your heating off and let it cool.
  4. Using your radiator bleed key, or in some cases a screw driver, open the bleed valve at the top by turning it anti clockwise with a rag under it to catch any water.
  5. You should hear the air coming out as the water re-fills the radiator. Once the water starts to drip out, quickly shut the valve. Then move on to the next radiator.
  6. Some heating systems automatically re-fill via a tank in the attic, others have to be topped up by turning on a valve usually next to your boiler and checking the pressure gauge at the same time.

This is just a guide if you are unsure then call our office for further guidance.