Commercial – LPG Boilers

Buxton Heating has a wide range of experience repairing, servicing and installing LPG Boilers in Haslemere and the surrounding areas.

When encountering an LPG Boiler that needs repairing or servicing we will ask you to give an account of what is wrong with the boiler before running a set of diagnostic tests to determine the fault. We will always make sure you understand what is wrong with your LPG Boiler and let you know how much parts will cost before continuing with work.

LPG Boiler Services

We offer a wide range of LPG Boiler services to Haslemere and the surrounding areas, such as:

  • LPG Boiler Installation
  • LPG Boiler Replacement
  • LPG Boiler Service
  • LPG Boiler Change
  • LPG Boiler Upgrade
  • LPG Boiler Efficiency


If you would like any further information about the services Buxton Heating can offer then please contact us today.

LPG Boiler Testimonial

“New boiler fitted Thorough, reliable and trustworthy. Richard always takes the time to explain his work and leaves you confident in operating the new boiler. Extremely friendly chap! I would recommend them.”

Mrs Fearn – Liss