Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri is a compact regular boiler with 9, 12 ,15, 18, 21 and 24 kilowatt versions.

Suitable for small and medium-sized homes, this boiler can be installed in a standard kitchen cupboard.

The appliance can be used with the range of high efficiency Worcester Bosch Greenstore cylinders.

Features & Benefits

  • Wall mounting plate providing rear piping as standard
  • Simple boiler control knob
  • Compatible with CondenseSure accessory - risk of condensate pipe freezing eliminated*
  • Low lift weight
  • Compatible with S and Y plan
  • Full range of Condensfit II™ horizontal and vertical flue options with optional plume management kit available
  • Fits in a standard kitchen cupboard
  • Heat exchanger delivers high efficiency and reliability
  • Scan and register the boiler using our FREE online registration

Technical Details

Greenstar Ri
ErP Efficiency Rating: Water Greenstar Ri: n/a
ErP Efficiency Rating: Heating Greenstar Ri: A
Solar Compatible Greenstar Ri: Yes
Wave Compatible Greenstar Ri: No
EasyControl Compatible Greenstar Ri: Yes
Control Options Greenstar Ri: Yes
Dimensions (mm) height x width x depth Greenstar Ri: 710 x 400 x 330
Clearances (mm) above, sides, below and front Greenstar Ri: 30, 5, 200, 600
Maximum horizontal flue (mm) Greenstar Ri: 4600
Maximum vertical flue (mm) Greenstar Ri: 6400
Ingress protection rating Greenstar Ri: IP20
Wall mounting jig supplied Greenstar Ri: Yes
Central heating output (kW) Greenstar Ri: 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21 / 24
Max DHW output (kW) Greenstar Ri: n/a
Hot water flow rate 40°c ∆T (litres per minute) Greenstar Ri: n/a
Minimum inlet pressure (bar) Greenstar Ri: n/a
NOx emissions (mg/kWh) Greenstar Ri: 36 / 38.6 / 44.3 / 48.7 / 55.5 / 56
Lift weight (kg) Greenstar Ri: 30.9
Effective volume of magnetic length Greenstar Ri: n/a
Canister size (with valves in closed position) Greenstar Ri: n/a
  • The Condensesure Siphon has been proven to be effective at preventing frozen condensate at -15°C for a sustained period of 48 hours. 32mm pipework must be used and should not exceed 3 metres in length
  • The EasyControl adaptor is required for the Bosch EasyControl to work with our Greenstar oil boilers and our range of regular boilers