Emergency Boiler Change in an attic

img_5731  We were called out to a ‘no heat or hot water’ 15 year old combi in a small attic space in a Guildford flat.  The decision was quickly taken that the boiler was past its best and needed to be replaced.

A new Worcester 30i Combination boiler was selected with a magnetic System cleaner, within 24 hours Sean and Alex were getting stuck in removing the old Baxi and fitting the new Worcester.

The old combination boiler had a large hot water store so was larger than normal and it took longer than usual to remove.  It was a non condensing boiler so a route also had to be found to a drain for the condense pipe.  Luckily the 4 inch soil stack running up from the kitchen could just be seen at the end of the small attic area – an elbow was fitted to a length of overflow pipe, it was pushed down and twisted to drop in boxing where it could be fitted to the waste pipe.

The flue collar was another difficulty as the boiler was 3 floors up. The rubber collar was fitted and the flue and collar pushed through and pulled back to create the necessary seal outside.

We couldn’t be sure the gas pipe was suitable until after the boiler was installed, this was because it was buried in the structure of the property and couldn’t be seen, it turned out to be fine with a more than adequate inlet pressure of 18 mb.

Two happy tenants and a happy landlord later the system it up and running with no faults and an 8 year warranty.

Emergency boiler changes are a weekly occurrence this time of year even with the mild Autumn.  With the temperature dropping as we head into winter we are all set for the next one.